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Welcome to Malakat! Now you are ready to upload your product and configure your shop. Are you ready? Let’s start. 

In order to add your products make sure you already login into, if you still didn’t have an account, kindly click HERE. If you are a registered user, please proceed to log in to your Malakat account.

If you have registered by Facebook click on  Connect with Facebook button, if you have registered by Google click on  Connect with Google button else please fill in your email address and password and enter by clicking on login, refer to the attachment. 

Before start selling, make sure you have updated your profile completely, kindly click HERE to update your profile. 

Add Product

Click on the Add Product at the sidebar, to start adding products into your shop, kindly click HERE, refer to the attachment.

There are two sections on the add products page:

  1. General Information – In the general information section usually you will need to fill in basic information regarding your products such as images, type, category, details (Title, Description, SEO).
  2. Details – In the detail section, you will need to fill in detailed information regarding your products such as stock, price, discount, variant, demo URL and shipping.

General Information

Upload Product Images

You need to upload images of your products. The more images you added, the better it will be for your customer, refer to the attachment.

Tips: Upload a clear image of your products, make sure your images are less than 2MB. Upload less than 10 images for 1 product that you added.

Choose Listing Type

Choose a suitable type of listing for your products. In, there are 3 listing types, refer to the attachment.

  1. Add a Product for SaleAdd a physical product to sell on the site
  2. Add a Product or Service as an Ordinary ListingAdd a product or service without buy option
  3. Add a Product to Receive Quote (Price) RequestsAdd a product without adding a price to get price requests from customers

Select Category

There are more than 200 categories available on Choose the suitable categories for your products. It will help customers to browse and find in, refer to the attachment.

Describe the Details

In the details section, you need to enter the title of your products. Make sure your title is clear, able to be understood, and related to your products. 

In the product description, you may describe your products in details about their specification, features, how it helps to solve problems and others. You may also add images, videos, link your text with hyperlinks, align text, adjust the size at the text-editor bar, refer to the attachement.

Setup SEO / Search Engine Optimization

Set up your SEO. SEO helps your products to be visible in a web browser when customers browsing the internet. Enter title, short description, the keyword for your products, refer to the attachment.

After done, please click on Save and Continue button. 

Product Details


Fill in the stock of your products, for example, 30, refer to the attachment. 


Set the SKU of your products. SKU is Stock Keeping Unit, you may enter your own SKU or else can generate it automatically by clicking on the Generate button.

Product Price

You may enter your product price in Ringgit Malaysia (RM).

Discount Price

If you have a discount available for your products, you can untick the checkbox, and you will have the option to enter % of the discount you want to set. 

Demo URL

You can add a preview URL for your products from an external source such as your website, YouTube (i.e.

When you add on the link for the demo URL, the Live Preview button, will show up on the product page. When your customer clicks on it, they will redirect the link, refer to the attachment.

Video & Audio Preview

(MP4 or WEBM preview video). For an audio preview, y (MP3 or WAV preview audio).

When you upload video or audio, your customer will able to preview the video or audio on the product page, refer to the attachment.


If you have variation for your products such as colors, size, texture, and other you may add the variation during adding products, refer to the attachment.

Click on add the Add Variation button or the Select an Existing Variation button, refer to the attachment.

In the add variation section, for the label, you may label the variation based on product preference, for example, color. For the variation type, you may choose Radio Button, Check Box, Text, Image, or Number. Then you may choose display type options. After that click on the Add Variation button, refer to the attachment.

To add on the variation option, click on the Add Option button. You may also view variation options, and edit existing variations, refer to the attachment.

After that, you may set the option as default, name, stock, and image.

Note: Different Display Types may have different fields. The example below is the Variation Type for Image.


You need to select the shipping class for your product and the delivery time. Learn how to set up your shipping, click HERE to proceed. 

After all information has been filled in, click on the Save Changes button. Make sure, you agreed with Malakat Policies.