Shipping & Delivery

In order to update the shipping setting, make sure you already login into, if you still didn’t have an account, kindly click HERE. If you are a registered user, please proceed to log in to your Malakat account.

If you have registered by Facebook click on  Connect with Facebook button, if you have registered by Google click on  Connect with Google button else please fill in your email address and password and enter by clicking on login, refer to the attachment. 

Before start selling, make sure you have updated your profile completely, kindly click HERE to update your profile. 

Click on the Shipping at the sidebar. To view, the payout kindly clicks HERE or refer to the attachment. On this page, you are allowed to update your shop details such as Shop Name, Shop Description, and Shop Location, refer to the attachment.

Firstly, you need to create a Shipping Class, click on the Add Shipping Class button, refer to the attachment.

Shipping classes are used to group products, such as weight, size, refer attachment

Note: Shipping classes allow you to define different shipping costs for your products. If you have products with high shipping costs (large in weight and size), you can add a class

After click on the Add Shipping Class button, you may enter the name of your shipping class, make sure you enable the status of the shipping class, refer to the attachment. After done, click on the Submit button and you will receive a pop-up ‘Item successfully added!’

If you are using weight as the matrix, you may set the shipping class as:

  • Below 0.5, Below 1kg, Below 1.5kg, Below 2kg.


If you are using size as the matrix you may set the shipping class as:

  • Size XS, Size S, Size M, Size M, Size L, Size XL, Size XXL.


Note: You shipping class may be different from the example, refer to the attachment.