1- Add Product Into Store

1. Login into Malakat Educational Hub dashboard.
2. Go to “Store“.
3. Make sure that the store that you want to add product status is “Approved“.

4. Choose the store you want to update.
5. Click on the circle icon under “Action“.

6. Click on the “Product” from the left side menu.
7. Click on the “Product List“.

8. You will be directed to the product page.

9. Click on the “Add” button.

10. Fill in the product setting details required.
11. Choose your store.
12. Click “Submit” button.

13. After that, continue to fill in the required fields for product details.

14. Click on the “Submit” button when completed.

15. Click on the “Product List” on the left side menu.

16. You will be directed into the product page.
17. You can find the list of your product here.

2- Add Product Image

1. Choose your product.
2. Click on the circle purple to Add Image Product.

3. Click on the button “Upload Image“.

4. Click on the “Upload Image” button at the left corner.
5. Choose your image to be uploaded.

6. Wait for the image being uploaded.
7. Once completed, click on the “Submit” button.

8. The green notice will appear “Product Image Uploaded successfully“.
9. You edit, delete or re-arranged your uploaded product here.