In order to make payout, make sure you already login into, if you still didn’t have an account, kindly click HERE. If you are a registered user, please proceed to log in to your Malakat account.

If you have registered by Facebook click on  Connect with Facebook button, if you have registered by Google click on  Connect with Google button else please fill in your email address and password and enter by clicking on login, refer to the attachment. 

Before start selling, make sure you have updated your profile completely, kindly click HERE to update your profile. 


Click on the Payout at the sidebar. To view, the payout kindly clicks HERE or refer to the attachment. You may view the full entries of the payout and its status. 

Pending: We have received your request and currently processing it, you will receive it within 3 days (Working day)

Completed: We have credited the money to your account successfully.